ChewBOCKa by Confluence Brewing Company in Iowa, United States

About ChewBOCKa by Confluence Brewing Company

Many Iowans are descendants from German immigrants, so it’s fitting that we make a Bock, one of the most famous German beers.  In the 18th century, during their long Lenten fast, when they could drink but not eat, monks brewed rich, bready bock beers for sustenance. Our bock came out big, burly, and chewy, hence the name, ChewBOCKa. This beast of a beer is made with a Munich malt base and German hops for a rich, full-bodied yet balanced, malty sweetness. A long, cool lagering period mellows this deep brown beer and brings flavors of toasted brown bread, as well as a hint of chocolate. Our ChewBOCKa embodies a filling, sustaining Bock beer. After all, we wouldn't want you thinking with your stomach...

It all started, improbably enough, with a failed attempt to make “raisin almond beer.”

Confluence Brewing Company makes ChewBOCKa Bock