Chronology:24 by The Bruery in California, United States
The Bruery


17.1% ABV • IBU 19 • SRM 80

About Chronology:24 by The Bruery

Chronology:24 is the fourth and final installment in a two-year long, four-part experiment with barrels and time. The Bruery brewed a beer rich and malty with undertones of brown sugar, toffee and toasted French bread and set it to age in bourbon barrels. Every six months, they took a quarter of the barrels, blended them and bottled them. This fourth bottling represents the flavors imparted in the base beer after 24 months of barrel aging.

Made by The Bruery

The Bruery is a small craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in Belgian ales with experimental twists.

The Bruery makes Chronology:24 Old Ale