Cinco De Mayo by Prairie Dog Brewing in Alberta, Canada
Prairie Dog Brewing

Cinco De Mayo

Limited Release
5.4% ABV • IBU 14

About Cinco De Mayo by Prairie Dog Brewing

This “Taco in a Glass” beer was inspired by the savoury flavours of Mexican food. Based roughly on the brown ale style, this beer has about 15% of its grist replaced with toasted flaked corn. Liberal additions of cumin, black pepper and smoked paprika give the beer flavours reminiscent of taco seasoning, and time spent with heavy-toast oak lends underlying complexity to this unique creation.

Cumin and toasted corn, biscuit malt character and smoked paprika are quite evident. Roast character from the heavy toast oak, and a slightly saline finish. Some umami flavour.

Our focus is on quality in traditional beer styles with some added funk to be enjoyed in a comfortable environment.

Prairie Dog Brewing makes Cinco De Mayo Herbed / Spiced Beer