Cirilo Coffee Stout by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons

Cirilo Coffee Stout

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
6.8% ABV

About Cirilo Coffee Stout by Cervejaria Seasons

Ahh, Cirilo ...

First of all, let's explain the name. Basically, the name pays homage to our beloved character from the Mexican tele-novella Carrousel. On TV, Cyril is an innocent and naive character, a real bullying icon. Here at Seasons this beer is more to Avenge Cyril, against all those who took advantage of him ... OK, it may be all or only because no one in their right mind would choose Cirilo name for a beer not be us, you choose!

Cirilo is our reading of what should be a coffee stout: in three words - "in your face". There are many nuances in Cyril, because it is an aggressive beer, with attitude (also just heard metal during manufacture).The coffee is already, right away, the aroma and flavor predominant, giving space following for a high hop bitterness alphaamericano that brings herbal and spicy flavors. In the end, coffee once again be present, and their bitterness is balanced by the use of roasted barley and specialty malts, which give the whole body of the beer. . It's the perfect excuse to replace the coffee every morning  Cirilo:  FIGHT THE POWER!

  • Tasting notes:  stout black color with toasty aroma, coffee and chocolate and quite toasty flavor and coffee bitterness and hops. It has enough body, provided by special malts.


    • Malts and grains:  2-row Pale Ale, Munich II, Weyermann Carafa Special® Type I, Weyermann Carafa Special® Type III.
    • Hops:  Nugget.
    • Water:  triply filtered and appropriately adjusted with acids and calcium sulfate.
    • Ferments:  Bio4 American Ale.
    • Special:  coffee type cerrado miner.


Pairs well with:
BACON! Also works well with sweet chocolates and desserts, such as a apple strudel or ice cream, as well as red meat or pork with outstanding sauces. But to recap, we have already mentioned BACON !?


  • silver medal in the South Beer Cup 2012 - category Dry Stout
  • bronze medal at the 1st Brazilian Competition Beer 2013 - American-Style Stout category
  • bronze medal in South Beer Cup 2014 - category coffee / chocolate beer
  • Gold Medal at the 2nd Brazilian Competition Beer 2014 - category coffee beer
  • silver medal at the 3rd Brazilian Competition Beer 2015 - category coffee-flavored beer

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Cirilo Coffee Stout American Stout