Citra Hero by Revolution Brewing in Illinois, United States
Revolution Brewing

Citra Hero

Limited Release
7.5% ABV • IBU 85 • SRM 10

About Citra Hero by Revolution Brewing

Citra Hero is an elegant American IPA designed to showcase the Citra Hop variety. This IPA is exploding with citrusy flavors and aromas. 

Revolution utilized 2-row, Pale Ale, Red Wheat and Belgian Aromatic malts to provide a deep golden color and clean malt profile for this hoppy ale.  Multiple additions of Citra in the brew kettle infuse this beer with deep layers of citrus aroma and flavor and a clean, crisp yet intense bitterness.  After primary fermentation with their English Ale Yeast they dry-hopped with one pound per barrel of Citra once again to really load this ale up with a burst of fresh citrus fruit.  Weighing in at 7.5% ABV this ale is sturdy enough to hold up to the higher bitterness level but is still quite sessionable and exploding with fresh hop character!

Revolution is Illinois' largest independently-owned brewery.

Revolution Brewing makes Citra Hero American IPA