Citraveza by Alvarado Street Brewery in California, United States

About Citraveza by Alvarado Street Brewery

This is a hoppy Mexican lager, inspired by a San Diego garage homebrew recipe from 2011. Bitterness is light and crisp, but hop aroma & flavor are front and center. Alvarado Street Brewery overuses the word “tropical”, but there’s really no better way to describe Citraveza, as the interaction between the lager yeast and these hops make for a truly unique beer.

Located in a historically registered building in Old Monterey, the Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill serves locally sourced, gastropub-influenced fare built around it's beers that are produced on-site. The Brewpub contains 140 seats, including a shaded sidewalk patio overlooking Alvarado Street, a 50-seat Beer Garden in the back, a full bar, and over 20 house beers on draft.

Alvarado Street Brewery makes Citraveza American Adjunct Lager