Clan Warrior Scotch Ale by Odyssey Beerwerks in Colorado, United States

About Clan Warrior Scotch Ale by Odyssey Beerwerks

Brewed to channel the storied history of the Scottish Highlands, our Award-winning Clan Warrior is not for the faint of heart. A strong Scotch Ale, Clan Warrior is brewed with a bevy of English specialty malts to imbue an indulgent caramel sweetness and slightly roasty profile. These flavors are accentuated to perfection with an addition of malt dried over a Peat Moss Fire- the very same malt that gives smokiness to the best Scotches. Using just enough hops to provide the proper bitterness, this sweet ale clocks in at over 9% ABV – a beer best enjoyed in smaller quantities with good friends. Rich in flavor as well as culture, Clan Warrior Scotch Ale mistily transcends the standard and always delivers.

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