Clear Asahi by Asahi Breweries Ltd. in Tokyo Metropolis Prefecture, Japan
Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Clear Asahi

Tokyo Metropolis Prefecture, Japan
5% ABV

About Clear Asahi by Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Recognized for its refreshing barley flavor and clean aftertaste, Clear Asahi is going as strong as ever! As a new barley-based category of beer, it uses barley to create a most satisfying sensation, and applies Asahi’s own fermenting technology to produce its sharp, clear taste. But really, one sip is all you need to tell the difference.
The new categories of beer as a whole are showing positive growth in the beer market, but Asahi has claimed the No.1 spot for three years in a row in the new barley beer category.
Enjoy Clear Asahi to your heart’s content!

* What is New genre?

In the Alcohol Tax Law, within "Other Sparkling Alcoholic Beverages," only the following alcoholic beverages that have been produced with hops or bitter ingredientes are the object of a special tax rate:

1) Beverages that have been fermented using sugar, hops, water or soya (2 degrees extract or more)

2) Sparkling alcoholic beverages that contain barley spirits or wheat sprits(extract 2 degrees extract or more)

Japan's #1 beer

Asahi Breweries Ltd. makes Clear Asahi Happoshu