Cocoa Cardamom 2018 by Cascade Brewing in Oregon, United States

About Cocoa Cardamom 2018 by Cascade Brewing

Cocoa Cardamom is a blend of sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels and foudres for up to two years followed by late infusions of Dutch cocoa powder, cardamom seeds and fresh orange zest. From notes of dark chocolate to bright citrus fruit and fragrant cardamom, this limited release captures a remarkably complex spectrum of flavors that belie the simple golden hue of this limited-release project.

Color: Golden with white head

Nose: Fresh orange zest, spicy cardamom, cocoa powder

Body: Medium bodied, bright lactic acidity, high effervescence

Flavor: Bittersweet chocolate, citrus peel, sour candy

Made by Cascade Brewing

Pucker up and join the sour revolution!

Cascade Brewing makes Cocoa Cardamom 2018 American Wild / Sour Ale