Conductor's Craft Ale by Junction Craft Brewing in Ontario, Canada

About Conductor's Craft Ale by Junction Craft Brewing

Conductor’s Craft Ale fits broadly into the pale ale category, though Junction thinks of it more as a hybrid of traditional British, German, and American brewing techniques used to arrive at a hop complexity that constantly changes in the glass as it warms up and a drinker drinks more. With The Conductor Junction Brewing wanted to tip their hats to ‘pioneer’ craft beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Anchor Liberty Ale, but at the same time the beer had to be balanced and drinkable to allow a drinker to enjoy more than one.

Junction Craft Brewing is committed to brewing highest-quality, hand-crafted beers with Water, Yeast, Barley and the world's finest Hops.

Junction Craft Brewing makes Conductor's Craft Ale American Pale Ale (APA)

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