Contract Killer by Blackwater Draw Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Contract Killer by Blackwater Draw Brewing Company

Robust Porter brewed with the addition of What’s the Buzz Coffee- a company that roasts their coffee beans in College Station. The beer forms a solid base for the bold flavors of coffee.  The Crystal and Vienna Malts add a layer of caramel/bready sweetness while the chocolate malt compliments the natural dark chocolate flavors of the coffee. This beer was named Contract Killer in jest of the ‘brew houses’ that deceive customers every day. True brewpubs should make their beer in-house, not contract it out to other breweries to make for them. Or at the very least, not call yourself “[fill-in-the-blank] brewhouse.”

Beer. Good Beer. Craft Beer.

Blackwater Draw Brewing Company makes Contract Killer American Porter