Coolship Balaton by Allagash Brewing Company in Maine, United States

About Coolship Balaton by Allagash Brewing Company

Coolship Balaton is a blend of spontaneously fermented beer aged on Balaton cherries. This beer is brewed with Pilsner malt, 40% raw wheat and aged hops, then cooled in a traditional coolship and fermented only with the resident microflora. All of the fermentation and aging takes place in French oak wine barrels over several years, with 100 pounds per barrel of fresh Maine raspberries for the final six months.

The finished beer is bright red in color with raspberry and oak in the aroma. Cherries dominate the flavor, along with funk and hints of dried apricot. The finish is tart and dry. Allagash made this beer once in 2011, and have now retired this beer. 

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Allagash Brewing Company makes Coolship Balaton Lambic - Fruit