Coop'd Up
Urban South Brewery

Coop'd Up

Louisiana, United States
5.5% ABV • IBU 20 • SRM 2

As urban brewers, Urban South brewers often find themselves longing for a bit of peace and quiet and a little more room for their elbows. Don’t get'em wrong: they wouldn’t give up their New Orleans home for the world—but sometimes it’s nice to daydream of trees, streams, and rocks. Coop’d Up was brewed for all you souls caught between the thrill of the town and the lure of the country.

A tribute to the city chicken farmer, the home pickler, and the window-box gardener, this bright saison longs for greener grass underfoot and a field of stars overhead. Coop’d Up pairs well with robust cuisine, dirt under your fingernails, and fresh air. So open up the windows, take off your shoes, and grab your favorite glass.