Cooperator Doppelbock by Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minnesota, United States

About Cooperator Doppelbock by Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Foeder-Aged Doppelbock

Doppelbocks are strong, dark lagers that would have historically been brewed by monks to use as a food substitute during Lent. Y’know, “liquid bread.” They also typically have the suffix “-ator” after their name. So, Cooperator seemed like a natural. This version of Doppelbock is unique for two reasons: brewers added moderate amounts of smoked and rye malts, and then aged it in an oak foeder for almost two months. The addition of the hint of wood smoke and oak tannin balances the intense malt sweetness and caramel character from the hefty malt bill, consisting mainly of Munich malt. 

TASTING NOTES:  Malty, moderately sweet, mild smoke, oak tannin, grape nuts, hint of roast

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