Copper Ale by Icicle Brewing Company in Washington, United States

About Copper Ale by Icicle Brewing Company

Traditionally, this slightly sweet, full bodied strong ale is classified as a Scotch Ale which also is known as "Wee Heavy". However, in the 19th century they were known as 160/- which was in reference to the shilling currency. But Icicle Brewing judged this carefully crafted a Scotch-style Ale by its cover... or rather, color. The Copper Ale finds itself at the crossroads of sweet and malty, full-bodied and strong, light and dark, wee and heavy. So regardless of what you call it, ordering another will be the best call you make all day.

We are a Production Brewery and Tasting Room located in Leavenworth, Washington. We produce fresh, delicious craft brews!

Icicle Brewing Company makes Copper Ale Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

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