Corners Porter by Philipsburg Brewing Company in Montana, United States

About Corners Porter by Philipsburg Brewing Company

Breakfast beer, anyone? Our robust porter is a classic of the style, exhibiting strong roasted and chocolate notes with a minimal hop presence. By itself, it is a smooth yet powerful porter that easily satisfies any fan of the black arts. It is well known, however, that great beer takes great coffee, so we decided to combine this perfect porter with our other favorite beverage! We talked to Black Coffee Roasting Company of Missoula and they were sympathetic to our cause. We used four gallons of their cold-brewed coffee toddy in the serving tank and soaked five pounds of grounds for twenty-four hours to give this beer a distinct but subtle coffee flavor and aroma. Porter's Corner was a little bar down the highway where none other than Charlie Pride used to strum his guitar. Here's to you, Charlie!

Philipsburg Brewing Company opened it's doors in 2012 with the idea of providing quality, hand crafted beers, in a friendly, unique setting.

Philipsburg Brewing Company makes Corners Porter American Porter