Cozy Up by Woodland Empire Ale Craft in Idaho, United States

About Cozy Up by Woodland Empire Ale Craft

The best parts of winter are the eating, drinking, and sleeping. Oh, to be a bear… Yet then we would miss out on silky, delicious milk stouts. Often brewed as a slightly sweeter version of regular stouts using lactose (unfermentable sugar derived from milk) for added body and sweetness, ours is more of a comfort food, a dessert, a beverage best shared with good company near a roaring fire in a godawful sweater. Not quite strong enough to be consider “imperial,” yet certainly not normal strength- Big Ol’.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft is focused on quality and creativity, handcrafting incredible Idaho-centric beer one batch at a time.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft makes Cozy Up Milk / Sweet Stout

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