Crabbie's Zesty Lemon by Crabbie's in Merseyside - England, United Kingdom

Crabbie's Zesty Lemon

Merseyside - England, United Kingdom
3.8% ABV

About Crabbie's Zesty Lemon by Crabbie's

This Zesty Lemon drink is part of Crabbies new fruit alcoholic drinks that also includes the Black Cherry and Raspberry & Rhubarb flavours. This flavor has a nice tasting, slightly bitter lemon style flavour. It is much sweeter and smoother and unlike most alcopops that you don’t even feel like you’re drinking alcohol until you’ve had one too many. This drink gives you that alcohol feeling as it goes down your throat and it is quite zesty. Crabbie's Zesty Lemon is made from real fruit juice which makes it an enjoyable dying-of-thirst-but-want-something-alcoholic type drink that is perfect for the summer.

Made by Crabbie's

Crabbie’s Original alcoholic ginger beer is unique with four secret ingredients.

Crabbie's makes Crabbie's Zesty Lemon Fruit / Vegetable Beer