Crystal Park Pilsner by Red Circle Brewing & Coffee in Ontario, Canada

About Crystal Park Pilsner by Red Circle Brewing & Coffee

Crystal Park is a traditional unfiltered German Pilsner made with 100% German pilsner malt and noble hops. This lager has a light and crisp body that builds to a hop-forward yet dry finish. 

The Story: In the 1860s, one of the first breweries in Kitchener-Waterloo was constructed by German immigrants, producing around 5,000 litres of beer a year. Known for its decorative green space around the brewery, Crystal Park became a popular hangout for the locals. This unfiltered German pils pays homage to the pioneer brewmasters who brewed the first batches of “Old German Lager” in our hometown.

Red Circle Brewing & Coffee is a microbrewery and coffee roastery rooted in Waterloo Region. Crafting with character and creativity, we approach every brew and roast uniquely as a tip of the hat to the makers who built the place we call home. We do this all in support of the diverse community we live in today, while taking care in how we impact the world around us tomorrow.