Curly's Amber by Good Robot Brewing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada

About Curly's Amber by Good Robot Brewing Company

Once upon a time in the town of Enfield, there was a roadhouse dedicated to the legend of a famous woodsman, inventor, and politician named Curly. Curly invented the triple-bitted axe so he could chop down trees three times as quickly and, somewhat ironically, planted the famous Enfield Plywood Forest.

Curly single handedly clear cut a path through the forest out west to make way for the Alaska highway. His two trusty logging moose Mickey and Chocolate were always by his side. 

Curly’s roadhouse may be closed for good, but the legend lives on with Curly’s Amber!

Malty, caramel-y, crisp.

Welcome to Good Robot Brewing Company, Halifax’s most questionable brewery and taproom. We make beer for misfits because we don’t wanna grow up. And like the misfits we welcome, our beers are eccentric, experimental and untrue to style. Oh, and most of our beers are gluten-reduced.

Good Robot Brewing Company makes Curly's Amber American Amber / Red Ale