Custer's Last Stout by Montana Brewing Company in Montana, United States

About Custer's Last Stout by Montana Brewing Company

A delicious Oatmeal Stout that has a smooth, velvety mouth-feel that is sure to please everyone, stout drinkers and non-stout drinkers alike. Never had a stout before? This beer just may open the door to a whole new world of yummy deliciousness.

It is brewed with English malted barley and domestic Fuggle hops. This variety of hop adds a slight herbal (licorice) aroma and flavor to our stout. Foreign-Style stouts originated when English breweries added more hops and alcohol to their classic dry stouts as a natural preservative. They did this so the beer would survive the long journey to their far reaching empire around the world.

Montana's Most Award Winning Brewery since 1994

Montana Brewing Company makes Custer's Last Stout Foreign / Export Stout

Awards & Achievements for this Foreign / Export Stout