Cuttin' Grass by Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minnesota, United States

About Cuttin' Grass by Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Cuttin’ Grass is what Fair State likes to refer to as a backyard Saison, not a farmhouse one. Most of us don’t actually live in farmhouses or operate farms, but at least some of us do have lawns to mow. This is the beer for those times when you need a lawnmower beer, but you’d rather be on a European vacation. Dry, crisp, delicate and rustic; lightly funky from a 20% blend of oak-fermented saison blended in pre-ferment; and brightly aromatic from the fresh dry hopping of noble hops. Fancy, but not pretentious. 

TASTING NOTES:  Dry, rustic, light funk, mild acidity, grassy noble hop nose, hay, crackery malt, high carb


PROCESS NOTES:  Blend of 20% oak-fermented sour, 80% fresh wort, fermented together in stainless

The cooperative's membership is currently over 2000 and growing every day.