Cuvée Western Spontanée by Microbrasserie À la Fût in Québec, Canada

About Cuvée Western Spontanée by Microbrasserie À la Fût

Discover this sublime blend of inoculated musts (voluntary addition of a mixture of wild yeasts and microorganisms, similar to Lambic) aged 6 and 30 months, as well as 5 musts resulting from SPONTANEOUS fermentation. Yes! These musts were created by drawing inspiration from the Québec maple syrup tradition, obtained by cooling them in a maple syrup evaporator. These divine liquids then matured for more than two years in oak barrels before being added to this blend. You must try this exclusive product, the result of exploring of the forces of nature!

Expert in sour and oak barrel-aged beers, Microbrasserie À la Fût is located in Saint-Tite and with its 516 barrels, it is one of Québec's largest craft breweries.

Microbrasserie À la Fût makes Cuvée Western Spontanée American Wild / Sour Ale

Awards & Achievements for this American Wild / Sour Ale