Damsel In Distress by Perrin Brewing Company in Michigan, United States

About Damsel In Distress by Perrin Brewing Company

Out of all the breweries, in all of the towns in all the world... she walks into mine. She was mysterious and exotic with hints of European lineage including a rich, regal, malty backbone, complex mild caramel and toasted bread notes. Fruity esters on the nose hinted of playfulness in fermentation among the multiple yeast strains being used. Teases of coconut and spicy Jamaican rum from the time spent barrel aging told me she had a dark and mischievous side. She was trouble and I knew it, but she was playing the Damsel and I’m a sucker for playing the hero. So I fell for it; hook, line and sinker....

Spacious microbrewery serves up a wide range of draft craft brews & pub grub in an industrial space.

Perrin Brewing Company makes Damsel In Distress Roggenbier