Dan Small's Strathcona Pale Ale by Bomber Brewing in British Columbia, Canada
Bomber Brewing

Dan Small's Strathcona Pale Ale

5% ABV • IBU 30

About Dan Small's Strathcona Pale Ale by Bomber Brewing

Named after iconic Vancouver homebrew store owner Dan Small The Strathcona Pale Ale is Bomber Brewing’s version of a classic and well used homebrew recipe. This beer comes in bomber bottles and pours a colour of clear golden amber and is topped with a thick finger of lacing head. The aroma is of a very classic, old-school pale ale. A toasted malt base props up an english styled hop profile with a touch of caramel and nuttiness on the nose. The flavour too is a throwback to craft pale ales of yesteryear. It is clean and smooth with a bitter bite that comes only from the classic EKG (East Kent Goldings) Hops the light bitter tones are balanced with a malty body, caramel and toasted flavour profile. For the uber hop heads out there this may be a little too much of a flavour throw back but it is well crafted, extremely balanced and a recipe that deserves to live on!

Made by Bomber Brewing

Start up brewery located at 1488 Adanac St. in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bomber Brewing makes Dan Small's Strathcona Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)