Dang Ol’ Meaning of Life by New Main Brewing Co. in Texas, United States
New Main Brewing Co.

Dang Ol’ Meaning of Life

7% ABV • IBU 58

About Dang Ol’ Meaning of Life by New Main Brewing Co.

In Boomhauer’s words: “Man I tell you what Hank bout that there dang ol’ Meaning of Life, man. It’s like this, man. Its like a dang butterfly deep down on there in the forest, man, it’s gonna cause a tree fall like 5,000 miles away, man. Ain’t nobody see it, nobody done even know it ever happened, ya know? A baby born into this world, dont even got any friends, dang ol come to find out all bout them dang evil, man. Man, see like, you don’t even know what its gon be like, you born into this world man, and it’s like this. Like dust in the wind, or like a dang ol candle in the wind, man. Like it don’t matter, it’s all oldies all time, man. You know what I think, man like that dang ol ‘I think therefore you are,’ man.”

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