Dark Muse Imperial Stout
Worthy Brewing Co.

Dark Muse Imperial Stout

Oregon, United States
10.1% ABV • IBU 60 • SRM 35

Introducing Worthy’s Dark Muse, our hearty, creamy and voluptuous Imperial Stout.  This is a beer for the thinker. The ponderer. It’s made to be sipped, cradled and inhaled, slowly, methodically, and deliberately. It’s meant to satisfy that yearning for answers, for cutting through the clutter, for breaking things down, and for connecting the dots. 

To do any of that, you’re probably going to need the proper lubricant. Something that lights a fire.  Something -- channeling Walt Whitman here -- that unscrews the locks from the doors, or better yet, something that unscrews the doors themselves from their jambs.

That torch, or prod, or hammer, or burnt offering, is the Dark Muse.