De Soto Low Micro IPA by Green Bench Brewing Company in Florida, United States

About De Soto Low Micro IPA by Green Bench Brewing Company

Fort De Soto, the largest park within the Pinellas County Park System, consists of 1,136 acres made up of five interconnected islands. These keys are home to beach plants, mangroves, wetlands, palm hammocks, hardwoods and scores of native plants. The park is also home to more than 328 species of birds with new species being added every year. Between 1,000 A.D. and 1,500 A.D. Fort De Soto was inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians. On May 30, 1539 a well-known Spanish explorer, Hernando De Soto, landed on these shores. De Soto Low is a take on a new style that we dub, Micro IPA. Lower alcohol than both American IPAs and Session IPAs, our Micro IPA is only 2.3% ABV but is packed full of hop aroma, flavor, and bitterness. De Soto Low is brewed with generous amounts of Simcoe, Columbus, and Citra hops at 45 IBUs.

Green Bench's mission is to craft unique, high quality, beers using a combination of fresh, local and traditional ingredients. We want to dispense a product that is enjoyed and embraced by those in our community, while continuing to challenge the status quo of taste in our area. Here's to absurdly good beer!

Green Bench Brewing Company makes De Soto Low Micro IPA American IPA