Dead Reckoning
Big Rock Brewery

Dead Reckoning

Alberta, Canada
7.5% ABV

There is no Compromise Here! Two hundred years ago, India Pale Ale was the perfect solution to the demand in Colonial India for fine English beer: extra hops and a generously higher alcohol content to ensure the brew survived the trip. Today, a British-style IPA is an unquestioned favourite among those who treasure a full bodied flavourful beer. Dead Reckoning Royal IPA draws its unique personality from the vibrant hues of four carefully-chosen British hops, as well as the earthy wit of two incessantly charming malts. Dead Reckoning Royal IPA will deliver an exquisite calvacade of rich flavours and a fist-full of refreshment, all with a brain-tickling punch. Great with strong, spicy food. It cuts through the bold flavours of curry, grilled lamb or smoked beef. For a cheese pairing, we suggest a robust blue, and to satisfy your sweet tooth, pair this IPA with carrot cake.