Deathwish Lime Lager by New Level Brewing in Alberta, Canada
New Level Brewing

Deathwish Lime Lager

Limited Release
4.5% ABV

About Deathwish Lime Lager by New Level Brewing

As part of the @voxandhops Brewtal North America Tour: Deathwish Lime Lager 4.5% ABV.

Named after the upcoming single from local heshers @strikermetal , Deathwish is the perfect beer to celebrate full vaccinations and hot weather. Light lager with big lime taste.

At New Level Brewing, we believe that the art of craft beer should be seen as a collaborative enterprise not only between industry insiders, but also between brewers and craft beer drinkers.

New Level Brewing makes Deathwish Lime Lager American Adjunct Lager