Deece Petite IPA by Matron Fine Beer in Ontario, Canada

About Deece Petite IPA by Matron Fine Beer

Deece is a slang word for something you like or appreciate. Want to know what we like and appreciate? Liquid sunshine and a couple of day beers. Deece has the aroma, mouthfeel and balanced bitterness of an IPA with a more mindful ABV.

Brewed with Barn Owl's Vienna malt and Matron's very own custom malted oats for a flavourful base. They teamed up generous amounts of Pleasant Valley's Centennial and Chinook with Galaxy and Sabro hops for a perfect summer IPA, bursting with stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit notes, while a mindful ABV keeps you decent all day long.

For us, beer is situational. We like the idea of beer as a social lubricant, not as a dominating force. Our focus is on lower alcohol beers, under 6.5%. We brew wildly aromatic IPAs, concise lagers and elegant farmhouse ales. We want our beers to reflect a time and place, evolving season-to-season and year-to-year. Beers inspired by where we live and what grows around us.