Desert Select Black Imperial IPA by Moab Brewery in Utah, United States
Moab Brewery

Desert Select Black Imperial IPA

8.59% ABV • IBU 100

About Desert Select Black Imperial IPA by Moab Brewery

Black Imperial India Pale Ale, spawned from west coast brewers who have no problem bending what we think about traditional ale styles, is dark, rich and extremely hoppy. Made from the finest Two Row barley, fresh Moab water, house yeast, lots of hops, it’s then fermented in American oak, dry hopped and bottle conditioned. The bottle conditioning, r secondary fermentation, provides carbonation. Expect a small amount of yeast in the bottle. 

The Black Imperial India Pale Ale pairs well with sharp American and artisanal blue cheeses, barbecued chicken, beef brisket and spicy Indian food. Plays well with very sweet desserts like carrot cake, caramel cheesecake or crème brulèe.

Made by Moab Brewery

The beautiful and unique landscape in and around Moab has provided inspiration for us to create our hand-crafted ales since 1996.

Moab Brewery makes Desert Select Black Imperial IPA American Black Ale