Desert Select Export Stout by Moab Brewery in Utah, United States

About Desert Select Export Stout by Moab Brewery

Beside pictures, t-shirts and outlandish stories, Moab, Utah is not known for many other exports. In this vein, we created an Export Stout to take with you on your many travels. Our Export Stout can withstand the trip! Built with travel in mind, this stout has an extra amount of Two Row barley and roasted malts. The Export Stout tastes of rich malt with roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors. This ale pours black with a light brown head and finishes silky. We prepared this bottle for transport by not filtering out the yeast. Instead, we used the yeast to help us naturally carbonate this beer for the long haul. Expect a small amount of yeast in the bottle. Our Export Stout pairs well with aged cheddars, rich food like barbequed beef, Mexican mole and spicy Thai. Fantastic with chocolate espresso cake and cream puffs. Store upright, chill and serve at 55°F to room temperature. Serve in an imperial pint or wide mouth glassware. Always share with a friend and drink to good times and future trips to Moab.

Made by Moab Brewery

The beautiful and unique landscape in and around Moab has provided inspiration for us to create our hand-crafted ales since 1996.

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