Despertado En Manzanilla by Freetail Brewing Company in Texas, United States
Freetail Brewing Company

Despertado En Manzanilla

7.3% ABV • IBU 15

About Despertado En Manzanilla by Freetail Brewing Company

The first batch of Witicus at the new S. Presa digs was a lesson in brewhouse perseverance. Freetail Brewing Company put it to bed in a combination of their old pub barrels that produced Ananke and Woodicus, as well as newer barrels recently relinquished from viticulture. They crossed their fingers and dreamed of Woodicus. What they got was an unexpected delight: rough-edges smoothed over, slightly tart nuances threading through and chamomile awakened in all its humble glory.

San Antonio’s a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. It paints to the stroke of its own brush. And it rocks to the tune of its own guitar. Just like Freetail. A little bit of that San Antonio flair goes into each and every can of beer we brew—the food, the art, the music, and culture.

Freetail Brewing Company makes Despertado En Manzanilla Witbier