Deviator Doppelbock
Cameron's Brewing Company

Deviator Doppelbock

Ontario, Canada
8.6% ABV

Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock (Bourbon Barrel Aged) is a unique brew that is based on their previous award-winning Doppelbock releases. It is 8.6% ABV and best served 8–10 C in a tapered glass such as a snifter. Doppelbocks are Teutonic-inspired dark lagers that feature imported German malt and were served by the Bavarian monks during times of fasting as “liquid bread.” This version of Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock has been aged for six months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This process lends to a smooth, toasted vanilla notes, and layered upon the complex malty body.


Awards and Recognitions