Devil's Coulee Kölsch by Coulee Brew Co. in Alberta, Canada
Coulee Brew Co.

Devil's Coulee Kölsch

4.5% ABV • IBU 22

About Devil's Coulee Kölsch by Coulee Brew Co.

Who knows what will be revealed when we dig deep?  It’s all about getting down to the bare bones of things. That’s exactly what this Kölsch does.  Alberta barley combined with a portion of wheat showcases the complex interplay between malt and hops.  Crowned with a delicate white head and almost imperceptible light fruit aromas, this beer is utterly refreshing. When you get down to it, that’s exactly what a Kolsch should be.


Made by Coulee Brew Co.

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Coulee Brew Co. makes Devil's Coulee Kölsch Kölsch