Dew Point Farmhouse IPA by Wild Ambition Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Dew Point Farmhouse IPA by Wild Ambition Brewing

For their second can release Wild Ambition Brewing refreshed their Dew Point: Farmhouse IPA and brought it back as a hop-rotator – that means they will be featuring a single specific variety of hops, rotating periodically based on varieties that excite them at any given time.

This release of Dew Point features Azacca – a hop bursting with assertive tropical and citrus peel notes and named after the Haitian Loa (spirit) of agriculture. The complex blend of spice, pith, mango, and pineapple from these relatively modern hops is enhanced by the earthy phenols and fruity esters of Wild Ambition's Belgian ale yeast and blend of Brettanomyces strains they use for fermentation.

This beer was brewed, fermented, debatably over-hopped depending on who you ask, packaged, and allowed to naturally carbonate in the cans and kegs on-site at the Wild Ambition brewery at 3314 Appaloosa Rd in Kelowna, BC. Available now on site, and should be gradually stocked elsewhere over the next few weeks!

Unique brewery in Kelowna, BC.