Dodie by The Bruery in California, United States

About Dodie by The Bruery

It’s time to dip the bill with Dodie, all you fellas and flappers. Dodie is inspired by a classic New York concoction and shares a nickname with Grandma Rue, who was quite keen on the ritzy drink. It’s got no giggle juice on its rap sheet, but it’s a dandy recreation of the profile of a classic Manhattan cocktail – from the grain (rye, corn, wheat and barley), bourbon character from barrel-aging, and a complex blend of 30+ spices and grape must for bitters-eque and vermouth-like notes. Fancy a garnish? The Bruery saved you a step. Cherries and orange zest come out as your kisser hits glass.

Made by The Bruery

The Bruery is a small craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in Belgian ales with experimental twists.

The Bruery makes Dodie American Strong Ale