Doonright Scottish Ale by Four Day Ray Brewing in Indiana, United States

About Doonright Scottish Ale by Four Day Ray Brewing

Doon’right [dune•rīt]: Scottish Dialect for down right, our interpretation is, done right

Judge not a beer by its color. This Scottish Ale drinks lighter than it looks and finishes dry with a smokey note. Chocolate, and toasted caramel accompany a rich malt flavor, and the full flavor is good all day long.

Scottish ales were taxed based on their alcohol content. There are several style delineations based on shillings, 60, 70, 80, Export and Wee Heavy or Scotch Ale. Typically in America you will see Scotch Ale, 7.5% abv or higher. Traditionally these beers have a hint of smoke in the aroma and finish. The smokiness is derived from a long boil that caramelizes the proteins in the beer. Similar to marks on a steak when you grill it. Scottish beers were low in bitterness because of a limited supply of hops and they refused to import hops from the English.

We believe in the proverbial three-day weekend.

Four Day Ray Brewing makes Doonright Scottish Ale Scottish Ale