Double Goat by Amador Brewing Company in California, United States

About Double Goat by Amador Brewing Company

As with loud music, you might not always be in the mood for a Double IPA. But once you get into a good one, it's hard not to find joy in such a hoppy thrill! For our DIPA we dared to seek the implausible: BALANCE, nuanced flavors, and restrained bitterness that defy its massive hopping and higher ABV. We hope you enjoy its nose of honeydew melon and the Herb, followed by lavish flavors of pine, lemon and grapefruit peel, and juicy oranges. Then pair it with bacon-topped anything and heavy metal hair whipping with two goats held high!

Amador Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in Plymouth, CA. Check out Amador Brewery's list of beers, contact info and more.