Dream of the West by Secret Cove Brewing Company in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About Dream of the West by Secret Cove Brewing Company

If you grew up in Newfoundland, and had to leave this beautiful Island to build your future, there’s one thing for certain, you always feel a sense of connection to this Island we call home. If the West Coast is that place you call home, then you might find yourself in a Dream of The West.

With that familiar taste, Cream Ales have a long history dating back to the early 1900s when Ale producers (craft brewers) needed to compete with the much larger lager macro breweries. If this sounds familiar, Craft Breweries today are showcasing the Adjuncts in this style (Corn, barley and/or oat) in this tasty, crushable treat.

This beer is clean and smooth with its low fermentation temps, and our house yeast is pretty chill. Originally brewed in a basement in Halifax in 2013.

We are all about showcasing our beautiful island, and telling stories about the past and present. Come visit Port au Port and experience Secret Cove Brewing. Visit our brewery and experience Cove Life!