Drinking with Friends
Mraz Brewing Company

Drinking with Friends

California, United States
6% ABV

Drinking with Friends is a beer made from friends to be enjoyed with friends. The idea for this brew began years ago when Mraz Brewing Company were enjoying an array of amazing wild ales with their best friends. They kept the remains from their favorite bottles and continued to do so at every bottle share throughout the year. At the end of the year, Mraz Brewing Company used this unique blend of yeast to cultivate a delicious wild ale to be aged in white wine barrels during the following year. In 2016, they bottled and released the first batch, but reserved a few barrels to allow them to blend into later years. This year (2017) Mraz Brewing Company were able to blend barrels from the 2016 batch as well as this past year, adding layers of complexity to this already delectable brew. Blonde in color with the perfect balance of funk and fruit, this beer can be enjoyed now or for years to come.

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