The Drouthy Neibor IPA
Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery

The Drouthy Neibor IPA

British Columbia, Canada
7% ABV • IBU 60

Inspiration for ‘The Thirsty Neighbour’ IPA came from Robert Burns’ poem Tam O’ Shanter, a tale of mischief & magic, witches & warlocks, a short skirt and a horse that lost its tail. A beer so named to encourage you to ‘catch the moments’ and share your greatest tales with your own Drouthy Neibors.

Thirsty Neighbour is a story that had to be told; born & brewed with only BC grown barley malt, your Thirsty, Thirsty Neighbour is here to embolden you to be part of the community. With not 1 but 4 hop varieties, the magic in this boisterous neighbour is the telling of a tale of citrus, tropical & stone fruit that is not caught by a bitter witch. Go on, grab one. Touch it. Share it. Do the right thing and be a good neighbour.