Dry Dock Double India Pale Ale
Dry Dock Brewing Company

Dry Dock Double India Pale Ale

Colorado, United States
9% ABV • IBU 90

A big, rich, hoppy double IPA made with 100% Simpson’s Golden Promise and seven “C” hops: Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Crystal, Challenger, Citra. Big malt balanced by big hops. This is one of our favorites.

Double IPA was first brewed in 2009 on a 7 barrel brewhouse in the original 800 sq ft tasting room and brewery. This beer is designed to be aggressive yet approachable by utilizing seven unique hop varieties to create a flavor and aroma of unsurpassable complexity. The nose wafts pine and tropical fruits while a restrained bitterness opens into floral and citrus layers, which coat the tongue to bring it all together. A single-malt base combined with a special mash regiment create just enough honey-like sweetness to support all this without distracting from it.

Food pairing suggestions: fatty foods, smoked brisket, grilled lamb, blue cheese, very sweet desserts.