Dubbel Dragon by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons

Dubbel Dragon

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
7.8% ABV • IBU 20 • SRM 18

About Dubbel Dragon by Cervejaria Seasons

The Dubbel Dragon is our interpretation of the historical Belgian Dubbel, where the protagonist is the yeast: a red-ruby beer, rich in flavors malted reminding caramel and bread and aromas ranging from phenolic reminiscent of spices like black pepper kingdom to fruity reminiscent of dried plum and fruit. The icing on the cake is a subtle chocolate flavor to balance the body dry of beer. The Dubbel Dragon is living proof that with proper maturation, yeast also makes works of art. In this case, he did almost a colonial-Trappist coffee.

Tasting Notes: ruby red beer, rich in flavors and malted chocolate milk and aromas reminiscent of dried spices and fruits. dry finish.

Pairs Well With: Cheese: Brie / Camembert, Stilton, Limburger and in small doses, with a blue cheese. It goes very well with sweet desserts to base of chocolate and red meat with spicy sauces.

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Dubbel Dragon Dubbel