Dubbel Trapeze by Pump House Brewery in New Brunswick, Canada

About Dubbel Trapeze by Pump House Brewery

Inspired by the beers brewed for centuries by Trappist monks around the world, Pump House Brewery presents Dubbel Trapeze a carefully crafted malt-forward Trappist style ale featuring sweet notes of caramel with subtle fruit and cereal characteristics.
Dubbel Trapeze challenges us to let go of the bar we’re clinging to and reach out for the new one. It’s in that moment when you’re not holding on to anything where all the possibilities lie.

The Pump House Brewery offers five different brands of its own finely crafted bottled beer, eight on tap and in kegs and several more that come and go with the seasons.

Pump House Brewery makes Dubbel Trapeze Dubbel