Duopolis by BrewDog in Aberdeenshire - Scotland, United Kingdom


Aberdeenshire - Scotland, United Kingdom
4.7% ABV • IBU 20

About Duopolis by BrewDog

A 4.7% ABV oat cream IPA, Duopolis is the perfect beer with which to ease yourself into the start of another year. Set against a backbone of pale malt and flaked oats, the mix of North American and European hops bring a complementary juicy payload of kiwi, lychee and berry fruit – a fully loaded hop profile delivered as smooth as you like.

Full-bodied and layered, this hazy, juice-led IPA is hugely refreshing and rewarding in equal measure. At just 20 IBU it revels in a late-hopping regime featuring Cascade, Chinook and Ariana. This new pride of Germany adds a mixed berry and currant edge to the tropical and citrus from its US counterparts, and being double dry-hopped they bring the beer to life even more.

Made by BrewDog

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BrewDog makes Duopolis American IPA