Duplicitous by Nickel Brook Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Duplicitous by Nickel Brook Brewing Company

We stand before you accused of deceitfulness in the name of innovation. We claim our new Gose, Duplicitous to be brewed with 0 IBU, yet it bursts with bright Citra hops. We claim it was brewed with coriander and Himalayans sea salt, yet maintain it finishes with a refreshing lactic tang. We claim Duplicitous to be an act of deception, yet maintain it to be a miracle of science. This beer is the culmination of our love of hops, lactic sourness and a little bit of trickery. Deceitfully delicious!

We are a family-run business dedicated to customer service and providing our loyal customers with some of the best craft beer around!

Nickel Brook Brewing Company makes Duplicitous Gose