Dyatlov Pass Incident by Alpine Dog Brewing Company in Colorado, United States

About Dyatlov Pass Incident by Alpine Dog Brewing Company

This rich dark beer references a mysterious mountaineering incident that took place in Russia in 1959. A group of hikers ventured into the mountains only to be found dead weeks later under disturbing and uexplainable conditions. Only theories exist as to why the hikers apparently fled their camp... Soviet Conspiracey? The Supernatural? Strange beasts? Either way, be glad you’re in a cozy brewery sipping a warming, chocolatey and complex beer.

At Alpine Dog Brewing Company we have two loves; craft beer and the outdoors. We strive to bring bold and unique brews to a bold and unique population. So let’s get outside, stay wild, and share some great beers with even greater friends!

Alpine Dog Brewing Company makes Dyatlov Pass Incident Russian Imperial Stout