East Van SMaSH Fresh Hop Session IPA by Bomber Brewing in British Columbia, Canada
Bomber Brewing

East Van SMaSH Fresh Hop Session IPA

4.9% ABV

About East Van SMaSH Fresh Hop Session IPA by Bomber Brewing

Bomber Brewing has brewed a session IPA with fresh from the vine Simcoe Hops. As a session IPA this beer is light and easy drinking but has the addition of fresh hops to add a light, grassy and piney hop flavour to the beer. From the 650ml bottle the East Van Smash pours into the glass as a golden-amber colour that is topped with one finger of fairly quick to settle, lightly lacing head. As the head disperses an aroma of light malt, grass, citrus and pine with a hint of tropical fruit hits the nose in a fresh and fairly light way. The beer is clearly fresh hopped and packs a bit of a punch but the sessionability factor plays an even keel and makes this a beer that is both light and at the same time hoppy. Tasting the East Van Smash it has a fairly light body to it and right off the bat a malty tone hits the palate in conjunction with a citrus, grassy and fruity flavour. The starting notes build into a piney mid section and a fairly bitter but somehow neutral finish. The East Van Smash is sessionable, flavourful and a nice balance of malt, hop and an easy drinking afternoon beer.

Made by Bomber Brewing

Start up brewery located at 1488 Adanac St. in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bomber Brewing makes East Van SMaSH Fresh Hop Session IPA American IPA